Do these work on mobile?

Yes! Our presets are made exclusively for use on mobile devices. You do however have to open up the download link while on a computer or laptop initially because of the file size.


What kinds of files can I use these presets for?

These presets are made for both jpeg and raw images. I shoot a majority of my instagram pictures on my iphone so I wanted them to work with jpeg images! I find myself having to adjust them a little more with raw files but raw will allow you to manipulate color easier and give you a higher quality photo.


How do I download?

Open up the download link while on your computer or laptop. After that you will see a zip file in the downloads section of your computer with a video tutorial that includes further instructions on transferring the presets over to your mobile device.



Can I download on my iPad?

Because of the file size you will need to download on a computer or laptop and not your iPad.


Do I need to own a Mac computer to be able to download?

Nope! Any computer model will work, as well as any phone you have.


Instructions & Installation:

  1. Download the presets file folder on your computer or laptop. Double click to unzip your Hello Fashion Presets.
  2. Email the "dng" files to yourself or airdrop them over to your mobile device.
  3. Open up the files on your phone and save them to your camera roll. (They will show up as blank images in your photos).
  4. Go into the mobile Lightroom CC app and upload the blank images.
  5. To apply a preset, click into one of them, select "copy settings" in the top right corner, go into the photo you would like to edit and then select "paste settings".


Why can't I open up the dng preset files on my computer?

There is currently not a way for you to open up those files while on your computer. What you'll do is just email the files to yourself anyway, open them up on your phone and save them to your camera roll. They will show up as blank images in your photos if you've done it correctly.


The file is saying it's too large to send over in an email?

Make sure that you are just emailing the single dng files to yourself, and not the entire zip file.


Will I have to do anything after I apply the presets?

Yes! I have worked hard to make them so you only have minimal adjustments, but because every shot has different lighting and is shot at different times of day you will have to make some adjustments. For lighting you will want to adjust exposure and contrast.

We also all have different skin tones, so you will probably have to make adjustments to your skin tone as well based on your coloring. Play with the Saturation and Luminance for the color orange to adjust your skin tone. (Found in Lightroom CC under Color Mixer.)


Why are your presets nonrefundable? 

With issues of people wanting to get a refund while continuing to use the presets, we are unable to issue refund on your purchase. But I believe you will LOVE them so hopefully this isn't an issue :) 


What camera do you shoot with?

Over half of my Instagram pictures are actually shot on my iPhone - the other half I shoot on my camera which is a Canon Mark IV


I still have questions?

Feel free to message our team at hellopresets@gmail.com! Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours on business days. In the meantime make sure to watch our video tutorial as well.


We LOVE seeing your work! Don't forget to hashtag: #HelloFashionPresets